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'Empowering and creating confident girls'

Fun, safe and supportive workshops that will help to improve and positively affect her overall emotional well-being and personal development.

What we do

We provide fun and creative well-being workshops for young girls aged 7-12 years old.  Our workshops aim to improve their confidence and self-esteem.  They will also learn the necessary skills that will help them to navigate through the adolescence journey.

How do we do this

We cover a range of topics and we incorporate our teaching based on the below positive psychology principles. 

  • Positive emotions - Helping them to feel good within themselves

  • Engagement - Absorbing activities to keep them engaged

  • Relationships - Building the right connections

  • Meaning - Helping them to see that they have a great purpose in life

  • Achievement - Giving them a sense of achievement

Our workshops

  • Say no to frenemies - The importance of having positive friendships

  • Girl bounce back - Learning all about resilience and having a growth mindset

  • The best of me - Recognising and identifying their strengths

  • Nobody's perfect - Embracing themselves and being confident within their own skin

Each workshop is 90 minutes long and they are appropriate for year groups 4,5 and 6.  Maximum of 25 girls per workshop,


Why we do what we do?

The good child report (2021) identified that there are significant differences in the well-being between boys and girls, with girls more likely to report lower well-being across a range of factors.

The report identified that girls aged 10-13 are significantly less satisfied with their appearance, body and self-confidence than boys in England.

With the mass use of social media, the increase of undesirable stars and the 

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Serenity 4 Girls Logo-15.png
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