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Kids in Art Class

Something special for your pre-teen daughter!

A fun, positive and informative space specifically for girls aged 8 -12. I am thrilled to be offering an exciting space where empowerment, confidence-building, creativity and enjoyment come together seamlessly!

As a parent myself I understand the unique needs of pre-teen girls and the importance of fostering their personal growth in a nurturing environment.  My goal is to empower young girls, boost their confidence and create lasting memories all in one place.

Imagine a space where she can feel inspired, supported, and celebrated.  Activities will be carefully crafted to provide an engaging and interactive experience where she can explore her potential, embrace her individuality, and discover her strengths.  I believe that every girl deserves to feel empowered and capable of achieving great things.

  • She lacks confidence

  • She is lacking motivation, is disinterested or bored

  • She is struggling with friendship issues

  • She tends to give up easily

  • She is displaying signs of insecurities, not liking herself and how she looks

  • She would like to try something new but a bit hesitant in doing so

  • YOU can see that she needs that little bit of inspiration 

  • Or maybe she simply wants to do something different and have FUN!

  • Have fun, meet and make new friends

  • Discover her creative side

  • Learn valuable information that she can utilise at home and in School

  • Walk away with more confidence and self-belief

  • Learn valuable personal development skills 

photo-output 19.HEIC

With the support from The National Lottery Community Fund we are pleased to introduce our first project of 2024!

This will be a piloted project which w
e anticipate to initially run for 6 months.



The Serenity For Girls Club!
A safe and supportive place where girls can
Connect, Learn and Grow gaining essential skills and knowledge that are crucial for boosting their confidence, self-esteem, and personal development.

Project Components

  • Saturday sessions -  The group will offer interactive workshops covering a range of topics including self-confidence, communication skills, goal setting, leadership, emotional intelligence, self-love, self-care, mindfulness and celebrating cultural events.  The sessions will be designed to be informative, fun, creative, empowering, and hands-on.

  • Role models and mentors - In the future, we will bring in guest speakers and mentors who hold expertise in different areas of a range of topics and introduce positive role models who can share their own stories of success whilst demonstrating the potential for personal growth and empowerment for the girls.

  • Team-building activities - We will incorporate team-building exercises and group activities that will foster a sense of community and friendship among the girls, encouraging them to support one another in their personal journeys.

  • Self-expression and creativity -  Art and creative activities will be integrated to help girls express themselves and develop their unique voices.  One of the projects that will be included is for the girls to create, start and manage their very own podcast.

  • Parent Involvement - We recognise the importance of parental support in a child's personal development.  We will periodically invite parents/family to the sessions and do parent and child workshops.  We will also invite parents to meetings so that we can facilitate parent-child communication and extend the impact of our project beyond the club.

How will it work?

You send your daughter and we do the rest! 

There will be a different theme and activity each session.  We will publish an official timetable so that you both can see what's coming next!

We will incorporate cultural events into our planning so that we are being inclusive and diverse in our approach.

Venue: North Birmingham Academy, Erdington, Birmingham, B44 0HF

Time: 10:00- 12:00 


Start date: 1st June 2024 (Saturdays)

We don't want your girls to miss out on this opportunity so a tiered fee system will be put into place to ensure that it meets everyone's financial needs.  

Prices start from £2.50 per session.

Join the waitlist to be kept in the loop for other events!

Want to get involved?

As a C.I.C we are all about involving the community and we would love the help and support from as many people in our wider and local community and organisations.


You can help us by by doing your normal ordinary shopping via our easyfunding link.


Easyfundraising partners with over 7,000 brands who will donate part of what you spend to our cause.  It won't cost you any extra. The cost is covered by the brand.  If you make a purchase, a commission is generated, and they turn that into a donation for us - magic!

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