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Empowering, Inspiring and creating Confident Girls in a fun and positive way!

Serenity For Girls is a CIC with a vision to improve and positively impact the overall emotional well-being and personal development of pre-teen girls. 

We are on a mission to equip girls with the necessary skills and knowledge to help build their confidence and self-esteem whilst navigating through their adolescence period.

The Good Child Report (2021) identified that there are significant differences in the well-being between boys and girls, with girls more likely to report lower well-being across a range of factors.
The report identified that girls aged 10-13 are significantly less satisfied with their appearance, body and self-confidence than boys in England.

As a parent, I also know the pressures and expectations that our girls are faced with on a daily basis and the negative influence that social media and peer pressure can have on girls self-esteem and emotional well-being. 


  • Girls Club (Coming soon)

  • Self Love Boxes​​

  • Online Academy

  • Journals


Workshop topics include: Growth mindset, healthy friendships, strengths and identity, body image, social media and much more!

We also offer bespoke workshops such as journalling and vision board workshops.

How it works
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Our values are based on Fun, Growth, Positivity and Dedication. I incorporate these values alongside the below principles in everything I do.

  • Positive emotions - Helping them to feel good within themselves.

  • Engagement - Absorbing activities to keep them engaged.

  • Relationships - Building the right connections in the right way.

  • Meaning - Helping them to see that they have a great purpose in life.

  • Achievement - Giving them a sense of achievement.


An EXCLUSIVE online portal where she will gain access to worksheets, resources and NEW short courses and engaging workshops!

Get her started with The Ultimate Confidence Kit.  
A workbook that will empower her, keep her busy when bored, and boost her confidence. 

Get exclusive access today for just £7.00!
Other topics to follow will include growth mindset, body image, strengths and identity and much more!


Hi, I am Danielle the face and the director of Serenity For Girls. I am a mum of a teenage girl myself and part of the reason why we are here.  I myself come from a very big family and I have worked with children and families within the NHS for the past 7+ years now and I love it.  This includes working as a Specialist Nurse for children in care, Health Visitor and a well-being officer in a multicultural all-girls school.  But most importantly I have a real passion for working with young girls.
With my experience, knowledge and passion my aim for Serenity For Girls is to help girls to thrive and strive through the ups and downs of their adolescence period with less stress, more smiles and beams of confidence!
I believe that all girls deserve the chance to be happy, confident and to feel comfortable in their own skin. Serenity For Girls is here to inspire, empower and create positive confident girls because yes they deserve it!

Thank you for trusting us with your girls!



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