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Empowering, Inspiring and creating Confident Girls in a fun and positive way!

Serenity For Girls is a CIC with a vision to improve and positively impact the overall emotional well-being and personal development of pre-teen girls. 

We are on a mission to equip girls with the necessary skills and knowledge to help build their confidence and self-esteem whilst navigating through their adolescence period.

The Good Child Report (2021) identified that there are significant differences in the well-being between boys and girls, with girls more likely to report lower well-being across a range of factors.
The report identified that girls aged 10-13 are significantly less satisfied with their appearance, body and self-confidence than boys in England.

As a parent, I also know the pressures and expectations that our girls are faced with on a daily basis and the negative influence that social media and peer pressure can have on girls self-esteem and emotional well-being.